What laptop would be best when using AutoCAD?

I have been through 2 laptops that just didn’t run AutoCAD smoothly. Both dell computers. I want the best computer for the job and Mac isn’t compatible so I want the next best thing. I was thinking Lenovo but I don’t know much about them.

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5 Responses to What laptop would be best when using AutoCAD?

  1. Chief Wahoo! says:

    try a sony laptop, my uncle is an engineer and his work laptop is a sony vaio

  2. SmartA$$ says:

    The BEST option is a desktop with the best video card you can get.

    If it absolutely must be a laptop, consider a gaming laptop but research the video cards available and get one that is designed for CAD, which will run better than a typical gaming video card.

  3. amdiag says:

    Get a reputed brand such as HP, Compaq,

    Auto Cad requires fast CPU speed and lots of Ram, video card would come in last.

    Even with the best computer on the market you need to meet and exceed the minimum system requirements to run the Auto Cad programs,
    otherwise you won’t get the smoothness you are looking for.

  4. Max M says:

    IBM or HP.

  5. IT Engineer says:

    We are currently using the Dell 6400 Precision laptop with 8 gigs of mem and they have the quatro FX video card that is specifically designed for CAD. I know you may not like Dell, I don’t like them either, but my CAD designers have been very pleased with the setup, Vista 64 bit Enterprise is the OS. It still takes over 16 hours to build out and render 1700 walls though, but they can open the entire 700 MB model now and manipulate it, that would crash the laptop before the upgrades.

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