Is AutoCAD Civil 3D a good product to use for mine quarry design?

It seems like a good product and it can be used across a myriad of projects but I am concerned how good it will calculate extractable Earth volumes and if it is a good graphical tool for quarry design.

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3 Responses to Is AutoCAD Civil 3D a good product to use for mine quarry design?

  1. shabbir s says:

    Well,If u look all aspect ..cost and utility I will suggest BENTLEY InRoads it has all aspects and cheap too.About 80% Consultancy uses this software instead of 3D.

  2. john m says:

    here’s a link to them on ebay.

  3. Icepick says:

    When I used to mine works I used the following 3 programs.

    CivilCad it allows multiple surfaces for boundary of the different ore purities.

    Vulcan and Surfer.

    If I had my choice Vulcan would be it.. Civilcad allows you to design and calculated earthworks for example as haul roads rom pads and stack volumes.

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