How to increase memory allocation for Autocad?

How to increase memory allocation for Autocad, I have windows XP prof 2002, thanks in Advance

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2 Responses to How to increase memory allocation for Autocad?

  1. chris shaffer says:

    Go to the store and buy more memory. You are probably just running a computer that isn’t up to par for the autocad program. Also try to close everything you are running to conserve as much memory sa possible.

    The only other thing you could try is to increase the virtual memory

  2. Bong says:

    Per the AutoCAD (2007) system requirements, you should have at least 512 MB of physical memory (RAM) if you’re working in 2D. If you’re building 3D models, you should have at least 2 GB of RAM.

    The size and complexity of a model often defines how efficiently an application runs. If you notice increased hard drive activity, it means that physical memory has been exceeded and data is being passed to a swap file, virtual memory.

    A swap file is an area on the hard drive that Windows uses as if it were physical memory (RAM). The swap file size is basically a limit which restricts the total virtual size of the AutoCAD process. A good rule of thumb for configuring your swap file is three times the amount of physical memory on your system. This usually sets the limit high enough that AutoCAD doesn’t run out of swap space.

    To check swap file allocation:

    1. Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and choose Properties from the menu.
    2. Open the Advanced tab and click the Performance Settings button.
    3. Click the Advanced tab, and check the “Total Paging File Size For All Drives” setting in the Virtual Memory group.

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