How to draw a site plan in Autocad?

How can I start drawing a site plan in Autocad? I have carried out a chain survey and I need to create a drawing from the survey. I am struggling with the angles, UCS etc…

Please help!!!

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3 Responses to How to draw a site plan in Autocad?

  1. karl hungus says:

    It takes a lot of work to develop a site plan in AutoCAD. You should consider drawing out your site manually (get a big sheet of paper, like Arch D or something) with accurate dimensions (break out some old drafting tools if you have them). If you find you’re unable to put things in their proper locations, you may need to back out to the site to get more survey data. Some objects you’ll only have linear measurements for and may need to do some geometry/trigonometry in order to properly locate them on the drawing. While being able to draw everything relative to a known point is probably the easiest way to do it, but can result in big mistakes in your drawings if any of your dimensions are wrong or you enter/draw one in a sequence wrong.

    Using AutoCAD commands that locate objects in relation to each other (such as OFFSET, ARRAY, MEASURE, DIVIDE and more) can be tremendously helpful for locating objects on a drawing.

    I’ve had years of practice preparing site drawings and the best and most efficient way to do it for myself is to sketch it all out, discover what other information I need, get the complete information, then complete the CAD drawing. Starting with a few objects in known locations or creating a baseline (make a construction line [XLINE]) then locating other objects in relation to it is probably the simplest way to do it.

    If you have GPS with a data collector you could input known points to your drawing and play connect-the-dots with it as well.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Mike says:

    It would really help you to have the addon Land Desktop for AutoCAD.

  3. Surveyor says:

    If you are using angles and don’t have the civil package which includes survey commands, you can use the rotate command to duplicate measured angles and use a circle to trim the lines. That’s the quickest easiest way except for buying the proper software.

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