How to change coordinate system using AutoCAD?

I have been having trouble finding out how to change the coordinate system on a 3/4 ths complete drawing. I know it’s a little late but I now think I have to transfer the dxf to shp file because my ESRI acrgis2autocad.DLL is not cooperating when plotting.
What is the best way to change these settings?
(I am only using 2d wireframe)
Thank-you =j

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2 Responses to How to change coordinate system using AutoCAD?

  1. Bong says:

    If you mean the User coordinate system, please read “Understand the User Coordinate System (UCS)” in Help, click the concept tab.
    If you mean the Cartesian and Polar coordinate system please read “Overview of Coordinate Entry” also in the concept tab. Click the procedures tab for how to’s.

    Press F1 & Search.

  2. Maurizio says:

    If you use Autocad Map 3D, you can assign system coordinate (LL, WGS84, etc.), translate from one system to another, export in ESRI Shape
    Autocad normal version not have Gis function and you can’t transfer from dwg or dxf to shp file.
    How do you think to proceed? You have Autocad or Autocad Map 3D?

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