How to change 1:1 drawings in autocad to proper scale?

I draw autocad drawings in 1:1 scale. When I plot it to a page, I want to plot it to scale of let’s say 1/4″=1′-0″, how do I do this?

also, how do i do this if the scale is in metric units of let’s say 1:150m? What does 1:150m scale mean? Thank you.

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  1. Bong says:

    You must read Autocad Help: Draw, Scale and Annotate in Model Space (in the concept tab)
    I’m using here ACAD 2007 and I assumed you draw in feet, to 1:1 scale (as you mentioned).

    1. Ok Let’s do it in the Layout tab; Click File->Page Setup Manager->Click “Modify”
    Select your “Printer/Plotter” from the list and choose “Legal” in the “paper size” section.
    (Note that in the “Plot Scale” group, inches is automatically selected as the units, because you choose paper size in english units.)
    Choose 1:1 in the Scale list. Your viewport scale must be 1:4 meaning, 1 inch paperspace unit = 4 feet drawing units in model space…hence, you interpret 1/4″ on your ruler = 1′ on the actual model size.

    2. 1:150 means, 1 drawing unit on screen would represent 150 units in the actual model. Let’s make it easy by using 1:100 (you should make this as your reference scale, in metric), which means, 1 mm = 100 mm in actual, or 1m = 100m, etc. Furthermore, 10mm in your ruler will be 1000mm in actual. So, 1cm in the ruler is equal to 1 meter in actual…that is 1:100 scale.

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