How do i transfer my Autocad plan to Google Sketchup?

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2 Responses to How do i transfer my Autocad plan to Google Sketchup?

  1. Bong says:

    In ACAD:
    1. Put the drawing in a single layer, prefereably Layer0. If you only need the floor plan for example, do so, delete other layers and clean up (purge all unused entities).
    2. Save as new drawing.

    In SU:
    1. File->>import and select Autocad Files from the files of type dropdown list.
    2. Select your saved drawing.
    3. Click the options button in the right side of the “open” dialog box for unit consistency.
    4. Click Open.

    If your drawing cannot be opened, try saving it to earlier versions of Autocad.

  2. Digital Bangalee says:

    Nothing more to add with bong answer

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