How can i measure total length of a few lines in autocad?

i found that List command do it but doesnt give me total, just bring up line lengths separately
i can measure 1 line length but i wanna measure a total length when i select a few lines on drawing. i used all inquiry commands, they just give me 1 line length or give me separately length of each line, dont give me a total length?

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3 Responses to How can i measure total length of a few lines in autocad?

  1. I've Got Balls Of Steel says:

    When I took CAD back in high school, I seem to remember there being a measurement tool.


  2. jgoduti says:

    Ok your question is a bit vague but if i am understanding correctly you want to measure a line? Type “DIM” and then select the begining and end point. You could also simply select the dim icon too.

    If this is not what your asking please be more specific and I will help.

    -The “TL” command does not work in AutoCAD or Autodesk Map 3D just FYI.

  3. travis m says:

    I get exactly what you mean. There is an awesome, unknown command that does just what you need. Type “TL” in the command line, then select all the lines you need a total length of. It should give the length of any lines, polylines, and arcs you selected in Arch. and Eng. units. This is what I use in Civil 3D 2008, but I’m not sure if it works elsewhere.

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