Drafters, do you have to be certified in AutoCAD to get a job?

My husband wants to take an AutoCAD course so he can get a job using that skill. A friend of ours recommended he do that, saying it would only take a few months and beginning drafters using AutoCAD can make $20/hr. Is that true? I looked into the course at our community college and can’t figure out what exactly he’d have to take. Then I did a search for online AutoCAD courses and found several that were less expensive than going to the comm. college. One offers a CD-ROM based training. I don’t know if he’d receive an actual certification that way or not. My question is, does he have to get the actual certification to get a job or can he just learn it? And can he make $20/hr to start?

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4 Responses to Drafters, do you have to be certified in AutoCAD to get a job?

  1. Art says:

    Look into a technical college… possibly under mechanical drawing/drafting.

    AutoCAD is an easy application to learn, so he shouldn’t have much difficulty. But, employers like to see actual work experience with having that background… Otherwise, they may put your husband thru some sort of a “test” to see how proficient he is.

    Certification is not needed, in my experience.

  2. Teng says:

    Well to become a drafter of course u need to know autocad, tat a advantage. But if can ask ur husband to learn 3D photo max then i guarentee he will boost up his income, 3D is the latest sources nowsday but it not easy to maintain a good drawing or graphic. A 3D drafter can easily earn 5k min. if he can provide good drawing or ideal, of course to learn 3D u must also know autocad too. Pls correct me if i m wrong & hope tis infor can provide ur husband better:)

  3. Surveyor says:

    Our company has a 21 year old self taught AutoCAD technician. He knows nothing about our profession, but he’s young and he’s learning pretty fast. I think he has had a couple of AutoCAD classes, but he has no certification. He makes $25 an hour.

  4. nR says:

    Hourly wage really depends on where you live and who hires you. I recommend the community college get in contact with somebody in the technical program and they will help you with course requirements. Once he gets the 2yr degree he should have no problem getting a job anywhere and it will give him an advantage over some one that has no degree with the same amount of experience. Documentation is key in today’s work place, a degree can get you in the door. Usually while you are in school you will get some practical experience and earn a little money drawing on the side, some times contractors will hire students.
    I know thats probably not the answer you were looking for and it wont be easy but in the long run he would be better off with certification.

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