Can I Install AutoCAD on Windows Vista!?

I’ve been trying to install auto-CAD program on my laptop but it won’t just do so. I’ve been told that it is because of the Vista. Is there anyway I can get around this or alternatively another CAD program I could install and use?

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2 Responses to Can I Install AutoCAD on Windows Vista!?

  1. Netalarm says:

    You should be able to use AutoCAD on WIndows Vista. I’m running Windows Vista x64, and AutoCAD still runs perfectly.

    You might have to get AutoCAD 2009 or 2010

  2. harman says:

    if you have new version of auto cad you might not get the problem
    but installing a older version… can be complicated…
    when you you start auto cad 2006 or any older version you get many errors—–can not find file in specified path
    note down the folder auto cad is searching for
    –the method is to create number of additional folders in the specified path and paste missing files in the same
    first you have to search the missing files on your computer and paste it in the folder auto cad is searching for….

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