Autocad. How to use the Layout to add a title box to a drawing?

what are the steps?

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  1. Starrysky says:

    Search Google for a good book on AutoCAD. I could tell you about the old style (AutoCAD 10) that I taught in college classes. But the new AutoCAD (whatever type you use now) has new tools.
    Mostly, I tell people to read about Paper Space and Model Space. Paper Space has a paper sized area, as if right off the printer, with title block, border, and text notes describing the drawing, and dimensions. It has Viewport windows cut into it. Each Viewport window looks into Model Space. That is where the true-to-life sized object(s) are drawn. They could be countries, battleships, houses, or microchips, all life sized. Then Model Space is left, and Paper Space is re-entered. In order to fit the view of a very large object into a paper print, its image must be zoomed smaller in the Viewport window. That zoom ratio is the inverse of scale factor of the drawing, (like 1/4″ = 1′-0″) or 1/48th scale. For very small objects, they can be zoomed larger to see the details easily on the paper print. After the image of the model is zoomed to the right scale, the Viewport is locked, and then Paper Space is used when the dimensioning is made to the model of the object. The dimensioning is done in standard text and arrow sizes, but with a linear scale factor that is the same as the zoomed image factor of that viewport.
    The nice thing about this method is there can be many viewports in the Paper Space of one drawing, and the model can be viewed in any viewport from any angle, at any zoom size, all at the same time.
    From this setup, one can save a standard Layout of a single view floorplan of a house, or a 3 view orthogonal engineering drawing of a machined part, or a drawing that has enlarged or reduced details areas, rotated views, sections, etc. All these layouts, complete with “drop in” places for text in the title block, and links to spreadsheet data supplying the text, can be saved for repeated use. This library is of standard sheets of different sized print paper, different scale factors of zoomed viewports and dimensioning,
    That is pretty much what I taught to students over about a semester of night classes, along with a few thousand other points on using AutoCAD.

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