Autocad: How to plot with a scale?

I need to plot an autocad drawing in the model space. When I drew the section of the drawing in the viewport, it was drawn with a scale of 1/2″ = 1′. Now I’m trying to plot, and I don’t know what scale to specify when plotting. Using the scale I used for plotting creates a small rectangle in the left hand corner, using a 1:1 scale only shows part of the image. I need to plot this soon – help?

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  1. estercadd says:

    that is unique because normally when you draw (well me, anyway) I draw things full size then plot them to whichever scale. I wouldn’t draw something, as you said, with a scale of ( __ = 1′-0″ )

    are you plotting from model space or paper space? (you kinda said both)

    check your limits, print window etc. You can change to scale factor either on the sheet by way of the viewport, or you can change it in the plot dialog box on the plot settings tab in the plot scale section.

    need anymore help, I’ll be glad to help if I can….

  2. Bong says:

    In model space, your plot scale=drawing scale. In some cases where the drawing is a mix of scales, the whole will be plotted to a specified reference scale. Meaning, other part or detail figures to be included in plotting will be resized or rescaled in order to adapt to the main drawing which the plot scale is being referenced to.

    Ex. In one sheet, you have a Floor plan with scale 1:100, and a window scaled to 1:40 which all be plotted to the reference plot scale 1:100. This means that the floor plan will plot correctly while the window won’t. In order to fix this, the window should be resized using a scale factor of 2.5, but its annotation should be the same size as the floor plan.

    The dimensions of the window, although correct in size now gives wrong/bigger values. To correct this, the DIMSCALE value should also be multiplied by 2.5.

    The drawing scale you’re going to use in a drawing should be predetermined according to the papersize you setup. In your case, plotting the drawing to 1:1 is too large for the paper. Using 1/2″=1′ gives you the correct scale although it is small. Measure it with a ruler and you’ll find out that any 1′ dimension measures 1/2″ on your ruler. Check the “Center the Plot” option to center your plot.

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