AutoCAD 2010, how do I increase extents of model space?

I need to draw something 153 units wide by 69 units tall, but when I zoom all the way out I can only get to about 125 or so, how do I make there be more units on the screen?

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2 Responses to AutoCAD 2010, how do I increase extents of model space?

  1. Surveyor says:

    You can Zoom Dynamic …. (zoom d) or you can just draw a line using command line input of coordinates…
    Line 0,0

  2. Maurizio says:

    Check if you have limited area for drawing: Digit LIMITS command and set OFF
    Now draw a rectang greater of your area
    Command: _RECTANG (return)
    First point: (pick on point)
    To point: @200,100 (return)

    Command: _ZOOM (return) _E (return)

    Delete rectang

    You can draw any line in Autocad, if you want horizontal line 13000 length, digit:

    LINE (return)
    From point: (pick on point)
    To point: @13000,0 (return)

    and next ZOOM E

    @ is for relative coordinate, @Dx,Dy from last point, if you digit
    LINE (return)
    From point: 2000, 0
    To point: 13000, 0

    13000, 0 is absolute coordinate, and lenght line is 13000-2000=11000 units

    To point: @13000,0
    obtain point in 15000,0 absolute coordinate and lenght is 15000-2000=13000 units

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